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Live Life Happy
Welcome to Live Life Happy, your first choice for Pain medications on-line. We offer top quality medications, for Pain, Fever, Cough & Cold, and the best service in the internet. Try our service and we will do our best to satisfy you by providing a fast and reliable service.

Welcome to MileMed

We offer Pain Relief, Seasonal Allergies and Excessive Sweating Products at very LOW PRICES.

WINTER SALE: New low prices on some our most popular products!!

Our company, Tech-Allergy, distributes around the world the most recent discovery to reduce or eliminate allergies, the Bionase Phototherapy*, a revolutionary allergy device to reduce or eliminate Hay Fever (seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis) and nasal allergies without the need of medication. This is an over the counter device. Our mission is to make it available to the whole world by delivering this product directly to your door.

This is a breakthrough system that uses phototherapy to offer drug-free, painless relief from the nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, itching, and teary eyes that characterize allergic rhinitis (Hay Fever). It provides long lasting relief with no known side effects. Conventional treatments, such as antihistamines (Allegra, Claritin, Clarinex, Reactine, Triaminic, Zyrtec, etc) and nose sprays (Nasonex, Nasocort, Flonase, Rhinocort, etc), provide only temporary relief and are associated with a variety of side effects.

The system consists of a small pocket-sized, battery driven power pack, and two probes, each consisting of 3 precision focused light emitting diodes. After the probes are inserted into the nostrils, a single push button activates the unit for 4.5 minutes to illuminate the allergic rhinitis affected area, after which the device turns off automatically.

The base of the system is Phototherapy which protects the nasal mucous membrane against various causes of allergy such as pollen, dust, bugs and pets. The usage of Phototherapy is 100% safe and has no side-effects.

*Bionase is a copyright brand of Medisana

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