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With online sales expected to reach over $21 Billion Dollars this year anyone who is not currently selling their products online should be thinking about doing it.

With the help of you could be online, selling your products to the world in less than 30 minutes. Thanks to our simple to use Store Creation Wizard, you don't need any special training to get your products for sale online.


Corporate Package

You've got your online business. You've got your website. The only thing that's missing; easy, convenient, safe online sales. And that's where we come in. Our Corporate Package includes all these features:

Merchant Accounts

  • There is no need for you to go through the lengthy and cumbersome process of applying for your own internet account. You will supply with your products and services and we will resell them to our customers. will handle all payments, customer inquiries and billing issues

Online Credit Card Processing

  • We provide the credit card processing
  • We accept ALL major credit cards in a secure manner
  • Tax and shipping calculations are automatic
  • Your sales and funds are processed in US dollars.


  • You select the method of payment for your delivered orders. You can choose to be paid by check or direct deposit to your bank account

Safety and Security

  • Orders are transfered electronically via SSL certified by Verisign
  • Reduced Fraudulent Orders thanks to state-of-the-art fraud detection
  • We provide quality 24/7 hosting of your website

Shopping Cart

  • Fully functional Online Shopping Cart which EASILY integrates with your existing website

Shopping Cart Customization

  • The shopping cart appears on your website with as little as 2 lines of programming
  • You can set up your products by filling in the blanks
  • You can add your business' logo to your shopping cart for corporate identity
  • Financial and visitor reports show you the status of your business

Marketing and Customer Service

  • We provide online marketing of your website
  • We provide quality customer service


  • Offsite accounts cost $25 U.S. per month plus 10% of your total sales for the month
  • There is a $25 U.S. processing fee for every bank transfer. This fee only applies if you choose a direct deposit into your account as method of payment for your delivered orders

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